2015 Year Report St. Mark Mavens

The Mavens had a very productive 2015 year.  We welcomed new Summer members which really added ‘ummph’ to what can be a slower time for the volunteers.  We chose not to have a Tie One On gathering as each Tuesday we were averaging the tying of 6-8 comforts.  Glenna Penner who is our year round “top piecer” and Becky Snyder our Summer “top piecer’ are very productive and keep ahead of the rest of us by over 50 comforts readied for tying and hemming.  Some of the St. Mark Congregation have been helping us out with the hand hemming (finishing) which is a real boost.

2015 marked a landmark for our Women in that we have made and distributed over 1000 comforts.  Even we have a difficult time comprending that accomplishment as we enjoy our get togethers and there is nothing as cosy in the cooler months as having a comfort draped across your knees as you hem it.

The Mavens are truly a Community Group and we enjoy the financial support of the St. Mark Serving Committee as well as the congregation allowing us to meet weekly at the church and giving us some storage space.  It should be noted that I am the only member of St. Mark Church.

Thank you to everyone who donated materials, crochet cotton and monetary support for the purchase of huge rolls of batting.  The Mavens are an excellent example of the three R’s, Reuse, Recycle and Remarkable Product!

Distribution of Comforts 2015 which totaled 233 Comforts

Lutheran World Relief   118 small  27 large

Winnipeg Cancer Care   15 small

Dryden Oncology            32 small

Palliative Care Dryden    23 small

Helping Hands/Thinking of You Baskets 6 small

Shut-in Community Members  2 small